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FutureForce® Waikato offers a broad snapshot of real jobs in our region and advice on how young people can successfully navigate education to employment pathways.

This practical resource has been developed to give our region's young people an edge as they make the important choices that will shape their careers.


Sally Birch >> FutureForce® Editor - is a communications specialist with almost two decades experience in journalism. Sally is Communications Manager of Smart Waikato Trust.

Mary Jensen >> Smart Waikato Trust Chief Executive - leads the team behind FutureForce®, a concept developed from her desire to enhance awareness of real and future local jobs so young Waikato people can make better personal career and study decisions.

Linda Nelson Caie >> FutureForce® Contributor - Linda is a human resources specialist. She is Smart Waikato's Special Projects Manager and leads the trust's Secondary School Employer Partnerships.

Rose Rogers >> FutureForce® Graphic Designer - is the graphic artist extraordinaire behind FutureForce®. She has a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design from the University of Waikato. 

Penelope Bunting >> FutureForce® Media Intern - is the creative talent behind filming and editing FutureForce® Videos and other media projects.

Anna Allison >> FutureForce® Contributor - interviews and profiles young people who have successfully started their careers for FutureForce®. She has been a Waikato primary school teacher for more than 20 years. 

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